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Reasons to Use a Lawyer When Buying a Cyprus Real Estate

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In order to simplify one’s purchase of Cyprus real estate, one needs to employ a lawyer and not only a lawyer but an independent English-speaking lawyer.  While doing this it is important to ensure that the lawyer you employ is licensed and registered to avoid fraud and theft. 

Saving Money 

Your lawyer could save you a lot of money. They will certainly guide you through the legal aspects of buying  of Cyprus property and help you do so safely hence cutting out of other extra costs when purchasing Cyprus real estate this is because they are already familiarized with the purchase of property and are aware of any cases of theft and fraud during the process. 


Your lawyer should always be there to be consulted before signing any document or contract or sending any money. Consulting them helps you avoid theft cases since they are acquainted with the purchasing process. They also ensure that the process is followed to the latter and in case of any problem arising they are there to guide you. 

Conducting legal searches 

Your lawyer checks the relevant paperwork and conducts various searches on the property you are to purchase. The lawyer also ensures that the vendor is the rightful owner of the property to avoid fraud. They will also check to see if there are any debts or loans on the property which may hinder property sale. In case the Cyprus property for sale is new, the lawyer will check from the local authorities the correct planning permissions have been obtained. 

Drafting a property sales contract 

The lawyer ensures the sale contract is deposited with the Lands Office. After ensuring no issues arise from the legal searches, the lawyer drafts a property sales contract. They also ensure the contract is approved by all parties involved in the transaction. The lawyer also issues a request to the Council of Ministers for Cyprus, for the entire property acquisition in relation to character references. 

Employment of lawyers during the purchase of property for sale in Cyprus is important since they ensure the property goes through the ideal legal process before acquiring it. They also make the process less complicated and simpler since they are familiar with the process.